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    Ultra Key Workflow - Dynamic Link to AE

    djensen@ncdoj.gov Level 1

      Hey Everyone,


      I'm trying to key out greenscreen backgrounds using Ultra Key in my timeline.. no problems there. However, the issue is that I need to send the video to After Effects with the Keying already done, so I can add a composite background that will move with the tracking of the camera. Is there any way to do this effectivly through Dynamic Link?


      When I try using the link, it does not show that the visual plugins (Garbage Matte and Ultra Key) on the clip in PrePro have been used or applied to the clip. I am in the process of exporting the individual clip from PrePro as a Quicktime Animation, because I understand that it will keep the Alpha Channel. This obviously will take a lot of extra time..


      Am I missing something? Any thoughts?