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    Sequence cannot be opened in Premiere Pro 5 after installing AE5.5 Trial


      I'm travelling with  my macbook pro and Master Collection CS5

      A couple weeks ago After Effects crapped out on me, saying Quicktime wasn't installed.  Days of delay while I searched forums and the intertubes. A quick workaround suggested by a friend seemed to be to uninstall AECS5 and install the AECS5.5 Trial, as I'm travelling 9000 miles from my installer discs and can't just grab them and reinstall the entire Master Collection LIKE I DID 3 WEEKS AGO BECAUSE ACROBAT FREAKED OUT and wouldn't open because it said it was installed as part of a suite and it couldn't find the suite.


      So the AECS5.5 trial got me going for my after effects work.   It reinstalled the QT32 server or whatever.


      However, now I go back to Premiere to open my project files from before I installed the AE5.5 Trial, and most of my presets are gone, and I get the "Sequence cannot be opened..." message detailed in other places on the forums.  Doing the XML hack doesn't work.  So the AE trial has trashed my formerly working registered Premiere?


      Any ideas?  I'm 9000 miles from my installer discs. I gather that the Premiere Pro trial won't have the presets I need to work.