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    Flex builder 3 build release version error


      Hi am a developer in flex for not too long. I am in a project that we use Flex 3 as our development tool in which we use external Actionscript classes and flash CS5 components (.swc) as well. Just recently the graphic team upgraded from CS5.0 to CS 5.5 and for some reason after they export the swc file from the flash source, I was not able to compile the flex project anymore throwing this error:

      Encountered errors or warnings while building project gTechLearning.as.
          gTechLearning.as: unable to load SWC C:\Documents and Settings\rhampton\My Documents\Flex Builder 3\learning\libs\_assets.swc


      So my question is simple, can anyone help me understand what is the cause of this error? Does it have anything to do with the version upgrade of the Adobe Creative Suite?



      Ray H