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    System setup for AVCHD

    Ivo Gomes

      Hi there,


      I need some help with the configuration of my desktop, currently i am using Premiere CS5 with this setup:


      Asus P5B Motherboard

      Intel Core 2 6600 2.40GHz

      8GB RAM

      GeForce GTX 470


      I've done some tests with AVCHD footage, and it took about 8hours to export 1 hour of edited video, and I also have problems with the realtime preview....a headache!!! :s


      With an eye on my budget I'm thinking of upgrading the CPU to an Intel Core 2 Quad Q8400 2.66GHz, because my motherboard only supports socket 775 CPU.

      Do you think that it'll be enough to handle AVCHD on a much better way ? Or do I have to buy a new a motherboard and CPU ?


      Thank you ,

      Ivo Gomes