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    TwitterTrends Example - JSON Call Not Working


      I am trying to use the "Build Your First Mobile Flex Application" tutorial, which makes JSON calls to the Twitter API.  After configuring the first "Data" service (getTrends), and configuring the URL to point to http://api.twitter.com/1/trends.json, I attempt to configure the return type, and click on "Next", ensuring the "Auto-detect" option is selected.  Flex attempts to call the getTrends() operation, which is evident by a progress bar, but fails with the message "Unable to Connect to the URL Specified".


      At first, I thought this might be an internet proxy issue, as I do have challenges hitting some sites from code, and am required to configure necessary proxy configurations.  I am able to hit the URL directly from my browser, without a proxy issue, but don't know if that's really comparing apples-to-apples?  Is there a way to configure FlashBuilder (4.5) to use a proxy server, when necessary?


      Another thought was that I might need a cross-domain.xml configuration, but that is not described in the tutorial, and it appears as though others are able to get this to work.


      Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!