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    GPU Hack Question


      Hi! So my new computer just came and I want to do the GPU hack so my card can work. I found a tutorial online for that, but there's one step I don't know how to do. It tells me to "Find the file "GpuSniffer.exe" and run it in a command prompt (cmd.exe).


      The thing is I don't know how to run a file in a command prompt, so I'm kinda stuck. If anyone can help me know what to do that would be great. BTW I'm using Windows 7.

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          Jim_Simon Level 9

          You can skip that step.  Just type the model of your card in the .txt file and save.

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            D&R Films Level 1

            Do you know the model of your video card? For instance, mine is a GeForce GTX 560 Ti so that is what I put in the supported cards .txt file. GPU sniffer just tells you what card you have and if it has enough memory.


            So, what card to you have?

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              roodolf2075 Level 1

              My Card is 1GB DDR5 NVIDIA GeForce 460

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                Dave Knarr Level 1

                You will type in GeForce GTX 460


                Here are the steps:


                Click on the Start icon in the bottom left corner of
                Windows 7.


                1. Then click on All Programs and then click on the
                Accessories folder.


                2. Look in the Accessories folder for Notepad and
                RIGHT click Notepad


                3. The left click on Run as Administrator


                4. Once Notepad opens up, click on File and then Open


                5. Navigate to the
                Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 folder


                6. Find the file: cuda_supported_cards.txt then click on it to
                select the file, then click Open


                7. You will see a list of cards


                8. Go to the end of the list and add your video card.
                For Example, above it listed the video card as:


                GeForce GTX 460


                9. Now just add the name of the card between the
                “Renderer string:” and the forward slash “/” to the
                cuda_supported_cards.txt file.


                Using the example above, you would add only the
                GeForce GTX 460
                part to the file.  Make sure you enter your
                video card correctly. It is case sensitive.


                10. Click on File and click Save.  Then exit Notepad.