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    Problem installing Strobe player


      I am following the instructions to  set up the Stobe player,  downloaded the Stobe player 1.5.1, and  1.6.127.  I unzipped the files, next step says to copy the files to root  directory of server and point to the test file.  There is no test file  in the directories.  I am not sure where to go from here.


      Please advise.


      thank you

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          Silviu Vergoti Adobe Employee

          It might be something not clear in the documentation, I'll check later.


          You should access the StrobeMediaPlayback.html, it has some sample links.


          Please use the latest documentation:

          http://mesh.dl.sourceforge.net/project/smp.adobe/Strobe%20Media%20Playback%201.6%20Sprint% 201%20%28source%2C%20user%20guide%20and%20binaries%29/Using%20Flash%20Media%20Playback%20a nd%20Strobe%20Media%20Playback%201.6.pdf

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            technimedia Level 1

            Thank you for the answer.  That did work. I was able to install the player, and I am now working with creating the code to embed in my web pages.


            It works for while, but if I make a change in the html unrelated to the video code,  I get an augument error - error 2006 with a black screen.  After some testing I realized even if I don't make a change it may work the first time I load it, but maybe not the second time when I refresh it.  I further tested using Adobe Flash Player instead of the Strobe Player and it seems to work everytime no matter what.  I am wondering if this has something to do with the Strobe Player having capital letters in the file names?  Can you please advise me on this.


            Additionally, is there a way to include an overlay at the top of the video so when it is stopped that says what the video is similar to what Youtube does?


            Thank you for your help!



            Frank De Fede

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              Silviu Vergoti Adobe Employee

              Creating the embed code is very simple with the setup.html page. I did not encounter any problems on reload using this generated code.


              Debugging other unknown problems can be easier if you turn the "verbose" flashvar to true.


              Regarding the overlay when the video is stopped or finished, I could recommend you to write a plugin for this purpose. You could start from the OSMF plugin developper guide and from different plugin samples provided with the OSMF code.

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                technimedia Level 1

                thanks again for the helpful answer.  I will keep trying, but I am kind of stuck.  Would the fact that there are capital letters and spaces in the the file names, and also in the directories have anything to do with this problem.  My hosting site uses Unix and they state to avoid upper cases file names and spaces. It works in a blank document so perhaps it is something to do with the html that I am uses on this particular page.  I will open another page and try it to see if the problem continues.


                I reloaded everything fresh.  I have now figured out that the refresh problem is only with Internet Explorer.  It never happens with FireFox.  Do you have any suggestions?  Your help is much appreciated.


                In regard to the Plugins, I will look into that to see if I can understand what you are talking about by going to the OSMF developers guide.



                Frank De Fede