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    CS5.5 crashing...tried 'all' suggestions with no success!...Need help!


      I recently upgraded/installed CS5.5 on a users MAC running OS X 10.6. It appeared to install without any issues and all programs seem to work just fine except InDesign. Everytime we start InDesign it gets to "Starting Services Registry" or something to that effect and then it crashes. And I do mean crashes and not hangs. It genereates a crash report which I have placed on PasteBin: http://pastebin.com/DWrek9CV


      I have looked over the forums and searched on Google but none of the suggestions, such as trashing the Preferences, checking the Permission on the SING folder or reinstalling, etc., seem to correct the issue.


      The only thing I have noticed is that if I log in as a different user I am able to open ID without any issues, so I am assuming that the problem is specific to the user and not the system in general.



      I would greatly appreciate any help getting this problem resolved.


      Thanks in advance for your input!