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    Adjustment layer (Brightness/Contrast) not rendering correctly

    Mahsage Level 1

      So I imported this big PSD file into after effects and everything looks good except this one adjustment layer, it's a brightness/contrast adjustment layer and instead of increasing the contrast in after effects it just turns the layer its suppose to adjust pitch black.


      Thought this was odd given PS and AE share the same engine..

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          Mahsage Level 1

          So I've figured out that AE is Interpreting the Brightness/Contrast values differently than PS, I was trying to figure out by how much so when I went ahead and checked "Use Legacy" in Photoshop and bingo. AE is applying the same values I entered in PS, but as legacy.


          So what gives? Does AE not yet support the newer B/C effect in PS and if so is there somewhere that lists all the the stuff in PS that doesn't work in AE?    

               Smart Filters don't work either do they?

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            Yes, they do use the same code bassis, but some PS stuff simply is useless in AE and conversely, there are technical limitations inherent in how some of it works. The new PS Brightness&Contrast uses a weighted formula without making provision for temporal stability, hence it is of no use in AE - you wouldn't want your footage to flicker. The old algorithm on the otehr hand simply applies a dumb linear adjustment and therefore works. Not sure what you mean about smart objects - AE retains the rasterized layer data of an SO and that is all there is to work with. AE has no access to specific custom data that Photoshop uses, which in itself could just be a reference to pasted AI data or something like that. Simple technical limitations to prevent creating "loogic loopholes" and unresolvable cyclic dependencies. For more specific details please refer to the help and adapt your workflow to avoid these dead ends. There is no point in trying to finish everything in PS, if you're going AE, anyway.



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