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    Flash Builder + unit tests = Unknown error generating output application.xml

    Brian Vaughn Level 1

      Please see my initial forum post here: http://forums.adobe.com/message/3730193


      This forum does not let me mark my initial post as "not answered" (re-opened) and it seems the dev is not going to respond to it as-is (maybe because he does not know)... so I'll re-open it this way


      An update to my initial post:

      • I am now seeing this on Flex 4.1 projects as well. Both AIR and Flex Library projects.
      • It appears to be some kind of race condition. Sometimes unit tests will launch on the first try, other times it takes 4-5 tries. If I keep the unit tests application XML open in the background, even on successful launches I see that the <content> node is re-written to contain the square brackets.