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    Page formatting problem


      I  am
      > copy/pasting from one document to another.  When doing so, I lose spacing in
      > the last sentence if it continues to the next page.  The first word on the
      > following page is then indented as if it's a new paragraph and the indent
      > cannot be deleted.
      > The first page in each chapter has a drop cap and that text frame is larger
      > when copied than it is supposed to be.  When the frame size is adjusted, the
      > last sentence problem reappears.


      I have Indesign CS2, Mac OS 10.4.11

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Are you copying frames, or the text inside the frames? Please make some screen shots of the frames in both documents and post them. Use the camera icon on the web page to embed the images in your post:



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            virginia.harris Level 1

            orig chap.jpgorig text.jpgBoth of these are from the original doc.

            copy text.jpg

            copy chap.jpgThese are the copied/pasted frames in new doc.  It doesn't matter if I copy the frame or the text inside the frame.  When pasted, I get the same result.

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              It looks as if the margin settings might be different in the two docs. You should also check the style definitions. Did you use, and modify, or base any other styles on [Basic Paragraph]?

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                Not sure what's causing that funny overlap of the left margin, but the spacing issue on the last line of your chapter opener looks like a hard return has been added; delete the hard return so the type justifies (relinking the paragraph), which should take care of the auto indent on the following page.

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                  virginia.harris Level 1

                  There was a difference in the margins of the first page of the chapters.

                  Thanks.  As many times as I looked, I missed it.  The margins of the other

                  pages are the same in both docs.

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                    virginia.harris Level 1

                    Nothing deletes from bottom or top of page -- except the words.

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                      ashahan Level 1

                      Are the text frames linked from page to page? or did you copy the frames one at a time (which would break the links)? If you've lost the links between frames you probably should reflow the text. You can apply force justify to the last line of each text box, but if you're setting a whole book that's not an efficient way to go (you'd also lose any hyphenation between pages).

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                        Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                        I realized I forgot to talk about the second half of the question.


                        A first line indent at the top of a frame in what should be the middle of a paragraph is indicative of copying threaded text in chunks. When you do that, the threading is broken and each frame is considered to start with a new paragraph. This is only obvious in cases where the first line is a continuation of the previous text and you have a first-line indent applied in the style or you are in a bulleted or numbered list, but it happens in all cases.


                        To move threaded text you really need to move the entire thread at one go. If you can see all the threaded frames on a single spread you can select the frames, otherwise it's probably best to select the entire story by selecting the text itself. Paste that into a new frame in the receiving document, then pick up any overset and flow into new continuation frames. If you move frame-by-frame, or spread-by-spread, you'll have to rethread and remove the hard return between frames if it doesn't belong there. I think selecting multiple pages in the Pages Palette, then moving the pages into the new doc may also work, but I haven't done it recently.


                        Keep in mind that however you move objects from one document to another, if there are styles, swatches or master pages with the same names in both files and the definitions that go with the names are different, it's the definitions in the receiving file that will be used.

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                          virginia.harris Level 1

                          Thanks for all your help.  I think I've got it!