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    Capture Mini DV USB / Firewire

    ljeco Level 1

      Hi, I captured some mini-dv footage via usb some time back and finally got around to editing it and exporting to disc to view on the flatscreen TV at home. I notice in places the quality of the image is far less than perfect. Question is - does capturing via USB lead to potential degradation of image? When i view the footage through camcorder linked direct to TV it looks fine.


      I bought a firewire port a while ago but haven't installed it yet. Was thinking of simply recapturing footage through firewire and backing up and replacing original files with new ones, same title (thereby allowing PE7 to read the original files but see if theres any difference in quality upon export).


      Think it would work?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Technically Premiere Elements supports USB capture of miniDV -- but, in the real world, it virtually never works.


          If you confine your miniDV capture to FireWire, you'll have no problems. In fact, as I point out in my books, not only will the quality of your capture improve but, with FireWire capture, the video data moves from camcorder to computer unchanged. In other words, the beauty of FireWire capture is that the video from the camcorder is IDENTICAL to that created in the camcorder itself.


          It's well worth installing that FireWire card.


          I wouldn't try just swapping in your new AVIs for your old though. That could lead to problems. You'd be best to start from scratch.

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            Ted Smith Level 3

            It's worth a try as long as you erase all cached or rendered files for the project otherwise the new result could contain some of the old stuff.

            But if the video files are of different length then you will get errors