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    can't select or edit layer mask in CS5.1 extended


      In our class, we have photoshop CS5 on MACs


      I  started a project in class which involves creating a layer mask. I was about done with the mask, but  brought it home to finish. I opened the file on my WIN XP running  photoshop CS5.1 extended, which I installed this morning. In class I was  able to click on the mask to select it, then use the brush to edit the  details, painting black or white as needed to refine the edge.


      When I brought the .psd file home and opened  it in the newer version of Photoshop, it won't allow me to select the  mask for editing. I selected the layer then clicked on the mask thumbnail in the layer pallette but didn't see the corner  outlines that usually show when the layer thumbnail is selected. When I  tried brushing on what I thought was the mask (of the layer selected) I  got the pink overlay as is usually seen in quickmask. (fore and  background colors were black and white).


      Does v5.1 behave  differently with masks from v5.0? I didn't change any of the factory  default settings and in class it is standard practice to reset to the  default when we begin.


      any ideas?

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          Noel Carboni Level 8

          There's not supposed to be any difference in the way Photoshop CS5.1 works as compared to CS5.


          Normally you click on the layer mask icon in the LAYERS panel, you see the outline change, then you paint on the mask.


          If you're seeing Quick Mask-like output, what happens if you press Q, then clear any selection and click the layer mask icon again?



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            BugMagnet1 Level 1

            sweet. That did the trick Noel.


            I didn't turn quickmask on. I just loaded the file from my flash drive and first thing I tried was to select the layer mask. I'll have to try another file to see if PS is starting in quickmask mode itself.


            I had an inkling I was in quickmask mode from the pink painting, but hadn't selected it and didn't know about the q hotkey. newbie here just a few weeks into the intro course.


            again, thanks for the fast reply. I just might be able to finish this assignment yet tonight.