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    How to correct an off axis shot? It has a slight tilt.

    msp1518 Level 1

      Hi all. I am very green here and have been messing about, trying to figure this one out, but so far I am drawing a blank.


      We were under the gun and getting kicked out of a building the other day and the camera operator was nervous. So he was not paying proper attention and the result is a shot clearly not leveled. It's tilted, noticeably so.


      Here is a low resolution YouTube link:




      There is also some shimmer.


      All in all an ugly shot. But one we cannot re-do. So I would like to know if there is a way with After Effects (CS5 version, NOT CS5.5!!!!) to correct this.


      Obviously it would result in cropping, but that is okay.


      This was shot 1080p 24fps.


      IMPORTANT: I should mention that I am struggling how to even take my clip from my edit in Premiere Pro and even open it in After Effects. None of the tutorials I have watched show that part. They all start with the clip already in After Effects. I need those first steps or I am lost. I have been on this for five hours with no progress.

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          Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          You can simply rotate the shot manually by opening the Rotation parameter in the timeline (press R), or using the Rotate tool (press W).


          If you want to remove all the hand held kinks and turns, you need to stabilise the shot, then rotate it if necessary.


          After Effects has a built in Stabiliser.


          If you want a more complex but better quality tool, After Effects comes bundled with a third party tool called Mocha.


          In order to fill the edges created after rotating your shots you're going to have to either increase the scale of the footage, or fill in the spaces with something else.  Scaling the footage will result in some softening, depending on how much scaling is required.  Filling in the spaces can be extremely time consuming and complex if you want a seamless result.  It may require Clone Stamping or masking of duplicated background elements.


          If you upgrade to CS 5.5 you'll find the new Warp Stabiliser plugin the easiest solution to your problem.

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            msp1518 Level 1

            Andrew, sorry, I am lost. Hitting R, nothing happens. Hitting W, the last clip in my timeline appears in the top right preview window.


            I don't see anything you describe. Sorry. I am a beginner but I don't post here until i have exhausted all optuions. i have absolutely read and read and watched videos for hours on end.

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              Dave LaRonde Level 6

              Hey, it's a hand-held shot.  Stuff like that's gonna happen.  I'm with Andrew: upgrade to AE 10.5, look up the Warp Stabilizer tutorials, watch 'em all, and fix the shot.


              And if you're puzzled by the Premiere-AE round trip, just do it the no-brainer way: export the clip in question (with handles) from Premiere into a newly-created Footage folder, which is located in your AE Project folder along with your AE project file.  I bet you still have to make these folders, right?  So go get organized.  While you're at it, make an additional folder named something like, "Completed Renders"... guess what that one's for.


              Open the Footage folder, find the clip in question and drag it right into the AE project window.  You're set.

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                msp1518 Level 1

                Guys I do not have the money for 5.5. Impossible. Cannot happen. End of story.


                All I can do is download the free trial, but from what I have read, it will not be linked with my Premiere Pro, so that makes it even harder for a beginner such as myself to do anything.

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                  Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                  Pressing R toggles visibility of the rotation parameter in the timeline of any layers that are selected.  After revealing rotation, change the value to rotate the layer.  Hold the mouse button over the rotation value and move left-right to scrub the value.


                  You're attempting to cook a three course meal when you haven't learned how to boil water.  I'd strongly recommend learning some of the basics about After Effects.


                  Note that, if you just want to do a simple rotation, there's no need to use After Effects.  It can be done to the shot directly in Premiere Pro.

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                    What Andrew is saying, make sure you have the layer selected.  When you press "R" on your keyboard, the rotation feature for that layer will appear next to the timeline at the bottom. When it appears, you can mouse over the numeric value, colored orange with the dotted underline, and a hand icon with arrows pointing in opposite directions will appear. Hold the left mouse button and drag it in either direction and the video layer in the monitor view will rotate in the direction of your dragging (clockwise when dragging to right and counterclockwise when dragging to the left). Or if you know the exact angle of rotation, you can just click the numeric value and type it in.


                    Now if you press the "W" on the keyboard, make sure the monitor containing the video you want to rotate is selected. You will see a tool with a dot in the middle of a circular arrow, I believe. To rotate the video, I believe you just left click and move the mouse. Not to sure about this operation because I prefer to be more exact the my positioning.