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    Color Correction/Matching

    Taverino Level 2

      I'm at the point where I need to up my game when it comes to color correction/matching in PPro CS5.5. I've been using the color correction effects to try to create a uniform look across all the shots in a sequence, mainly eyeballing two adjacent clips to get them to jive. But this has been a broad strokes/trial and error approach, often not really understanding what effects and controls I should be using and why - with predictably disappointing results.


      So I'm thinking I really need to master the color correction effects in PPro. Any suggestions on resources for doing this? Or maybe I should be doing this in AE? Or using some third-party plug-in or application? My main goal is: after I decide the look I want for a sequence, to be able to more precisely adjust all the clips in the sequence even though they may have been shot at different times, under difference lighting conditions, in different locations, with different cameras, etc., to create a seamless experience. I understand there is a lot of skill and experience required to do this effectively, but before I embark on improving my skills, I need to have a better idea of the possible workflows. Help greatly appreciated.