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    RH8 Moved Source File - Moved it back and now can't access...Yikes


      I was upgraded to Windows 7 and asked to move all my folders/files to a shared drive so IT could wipe my laptop clean, install W7 and then they reinstalled all my software.


      I was careful to move files within their folders.  I moved  "My RoboHelp Projects" folder with all my projects to our Shared Drive..


      When I moved them back to my Laptop, I am unable to open the robohelp project source folder originally created as an .xpj.  I receive the following error messages, one saying it can not open the .cpd file. When looked at the file extension of the folder it is a .cpd.  How could it change from .xpj to a .cpd????  I'm confused....


      Any idea why this happened and how I can recover these projects, other than a kick in the head for moving them????  Thanks!