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    Memory Profiling using Flash Builder


      Hi all,


         I am using Flash Builder Profiler to get a detailed picture of how my application consumes memory. I'd like to get a detailed list of how many live objects at different time point and the amount of memory consumed.


         However, I see a huge difference between the number reported by system.totalMemory and Memory Usage panel in Flash Builder. From Alex's article (http://blogs.adobe.com/aharui/2008/09/using_the_flex_builder_3x_prof.html) I learn that is due to some numbers not reported by Flash Builder Profiler, especially the following two numbers:


      • Memory used by sub-objects or Strings. Those are in their own row
      • Memory used by the Player to track the object. There are memory control blocks not shown for every object, and hidden objects for all display objects that do not show up in the profiler
          Does anyone know how to reason how the memory consumptions caused by these reasons?