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    Question about testing p2p performance?


      I have written a simple p2p application using NetStream.send() api. Now I want to test its performance such as packet loss and latency

      under real world circumstances . The general method I think of is using Planetlab. But I  have attempted to launch my flash app using

      "./flashdebugger XXXX.swf" in a liunx with command line only, it showed that flash app can't run without GUI. So my question is are there

      any other methods to let flash app run in a liunx pc with command line only? Furthermore, can I use command line to interact with my

      flash app and let it print information into stdout?As flash player developers, how do you test the performance of flash p2p functions

      to demonstrate their effiency?


      can you give me some advices?

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          Michael Thornburgh Adobe Employee

          note that by default NetStream.send() messages are sent with full reliability (unless you set NetStream.dataReliable=false).  in full reliability mode no messages will be lost, but like any other reliable .data transmission, if you send data faster than the path capacity, latency must increase.


          please also remember the bug i mentioned in response to you in a previous thread, related to sending a large amount of data with NetStream.send() in a stream with no video or audio sources attached:




          that bug affects all versions of Flash Player up to and including 10.3. it will be corrected in a future release of Flash Player.


          regarding your desire for running your SWF with no GUI: i don't think that's possible.  however, there are lots of X servers out there, one of which is probably a "null" X server that could present an X interface to a program but not actually display anything.  look for Xvfb.

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            moongod.gao Level 1


            I remember  what you told me about NetStream.send(). The information does help

            me to let my app work correctly. Because now my main perpose is to show my app does meet the latency

            requirement of live streaming and save bandwidth from publisher. At least I want to know the

            average latency between the publisher and a random subscriber, how many chunks are recevied

            by p2p and how many are get from a rescue http connect and so on . All these require me to

            run my app in Planetlab in the first place.

            You give me a direction some my problem. I 'll try it.