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    Mac/PC difference: Big delay when zooming with links on fileserver




      We are about to migrate our designers from old G5 Macs to PC. We use InDesign CS3 on both platforms. However we have run into an issue, where zooming in on an InDesign job is very delayed, when the Display Performance is set to High Quality - but only on the PC. It takes 1-2 seconds from pressing zoom in, to the screen has redrawn. On the Mac there's no difference in the performance when zooming wether the Display Performance is set to Typical og High Quality. If I copy the link to the local harddrive, the performance on the PC is similar to the Mac.


      The links are located on a OS X 10.4 Server with both AFP and SMB enabled. The performance when zooming seems noticeable better on the PC, when the links are placed on a Windows fileserver - however nowhere near as fast as when zooming on the Mac.


      Both machines are connected to the same 100 Mbit network. The new PC's are Core i5 with 4 GB and a Radeon 4550 graphics card - all drivers are up to date, and InDesign is patched to 5.04 on both platforms. I've removed all 3rd party plugins without any difference. Also tested in XP (Bootcamp) on an older iMac Core 2 Duo - same sluggish performance.


      Any clues on how to make this a happy migration?