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    RH9 - Can't import used skin




      I created my own WebHelp-skin. From one day to another, there are no skins listed in my "skins" folder (not even "default"). when i try to import the (correctly) used skin from the !SkinSubFolder! RH sais: "This Skin-Name already exists in this project."  That would be no problem, because the skin is used correctly. but i have to make some changes at my used skin and can't open the skin-editor, because the skin is not listed

      What can I do? I'm using the German Version of RH9 (V9.0.1.232).

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          Willam van Weelden Adobe Community Professional & MVP



          There's three thinks I can come up with:


          1. Rename the CPD and reopen the project. Are the skins back?
          2. What happens if you cut the skins from the skin subfolder to another directory and import the skins from there?
          3. In RH8 I'd modify the rhskins.apj file in notepad. (It should work the  same in RH9). The APJ is just an XML file holding links to the available  skins in the project. The structure has to be as follows:


          <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
          <rhpml majorversion="3" minorversion="0">


          Just add the links to the skins you need in the project. (You may need to delete the CPD before you see the changes reflected in your project.





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            Axel84 Level 1

            Hi W. van Weelden,


            thank you very much! First option didn't work, but second did! Although the paths to Icons/Grafics were broken...took me just 5 minutes to reload.