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    Searching Archive for Older Mac 10.4 (non Intel) Computer Lost Flash Player

    Help Me No Adobe

      Hello Forum Users!


      I'm sorry to bother you, but checked recent posts and knowledge base and cannot seem to find my problem listed.


      Problem starts and ends with older Mac operating system (10.4.11, Yes, I am still using Tiger and my G4 is said not to be acceptable to Leopard so its time for new computer..but until then)....


      I have only a 60 GB HD, and it was getting "full" so suggestion I received and someone helped me do it, was to eliminate all old "downloads" I was saving.


      Fine....except that while I was cleaning up the older programs I "don't use"  to get more room on the Hard Drive (I had less than 10 GB free and Apples don't like that on their Journal Drives), I accidentally "erased" (then threw out as trash to get room) the  Adobe Flash Player.  Not a problem!  But now of course I remember that is "why" keep normally all "downloads" as files in case I do that....so no older download to use as my own archive.


      Ok, not a problem!  Go to Adobe and download a new Flash Player (Of course I can't use 10.3 and all the others you keep referring to, as I don't have an "Intel" chip operating computer, so 10.4 is supported by newer Flash Players but only those using an Intel chip which my computer doesn't have.  (Lap top else I'd try all types of modificactions to work around the problem).


      Sorry too many details, but rather let you know now than questions back and forth.


      The final irony is that I know of Adobe's Archives and went "back in time" downloading and testing out various Flash Players (sorry, didn't pay attention so I did not ever have marked down which version of older Adobe worked with my 10.4.11).


      So I tried all the 10.2's   10.0's  9's (even the developer ones)  I hit the 8's and realized that maybe I'm not doing something right as I do think if you are using 10.3 now, that 8 versions should have been usable according to the June 2010 system requirement lists.


      For downloading I select Mac  "other"  as  my operating system since the current specificaitons for downloading list 10.4 to 10.6 as  "Intel" based.


      Did I leave anything out?


      I really need Adobe Flash Player as most of the web sites are just refusing to display anything but words for me, so just boring now on web without access to all the content that Flash Player provides.  (no more funny You tube videos either of course!).


      Can anyone help me with my Adobe problem?



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          eidnolb onlyone Level 5

          Hi, Well if I've done my homework, this should work for you:


          Hi, That version of Flash Player is Archived: http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/142/tn_14266.html 


          You will need to download the Flash Player 10.1 (81.7 MB) and SAVE it to your Desktop. Then you will find the version for the Mac Platform. There is a readme file also.


          Here are instructions from Apple Discussions:

          *Flash Player for PPC Macs*
          Adobe's last release of Flash Player for PPC Macs was in November, 2010 with release Subsequent releases are for Intel based Macs only. To update you should download:

          Flash uninstaller: [http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/865/cpsid_86551.html#prob1=uninst,os=m10.6,] Make sure you get the right one.

          Flash installer [http://fpdownload.macromedia.com/get/flashplayer/installers/archive/fp] Open the archive to reveal yet more archives and multiple files. Select: flashplayer101r102_64_ubmac.dmg

          To install:

          1) Run Disk Utility and verify your hard drive. If the hard drive reports errors then it will need repairing first (another topic). If it verifies, run Disk Utility's repair permissions.

          Quit all applications to ensure nothing is actively using Flash.

          Run the uninstaller application. Adobe says, "Adobe recommends that you restart your computer before you install a different version of the player."

          Run the Installer
          Use Disk Utility to repair permissions on your computer. this is important when installing anything from Adobe.

          7) Restart your computer.


          You may not need these instructions, but I posted them if you do.


          Hope that helps.





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            Help Me No Adobe Level 1

            Hello Eldnolb!


            (Wow!  9,659 replies! you must the the expert here in Adobe Forum on these issues!)


            I'm sorry to write to you another (what seems to be already) long letter.


            Thanks for your "possible solution" but where are the two other "helpful solutions" the Forum page mentioned?  When writing I can't check that page so if I used wrong terminology sorry.


            Now to what occurred since your posting.


            I downloaded your 10.1 to desktop and unzipped it using stuffix (my older version has never been updated---either it says and its up to version 14.1? and I'm using version 10 so maybe that is another problem, but I'd have to research if it works with "Tiger" as always have to be careful not to overload the computer by taking in something "modern" that I find out too late causes Tiger problems because it does not work and is not supposed to work with it)


            Back to my tale of woe:  I downloaded your 10.1 from the link (thanks! Link makes it easier than typing it in) and unzipped it using stuffix (took two tries, second one took very very long time, I"m talking half an hour!)  (might be my almost full drive that causes that problem I know).


            I then followed your instructions to use the link to the uninstaller package.  Did that ok, following the screen shots and everything looked fine until it came time to "check" to see if Flash has been fully, successfully unloaded.


            I do not get the warning signs that say Flash is not available or needs to install plug in etc.


            Instead, on my business web page, I get the Flash pictures!  (not as good as originals I lost but something now appears!) and the  one video that started it all (Apple developers conference) now appears on the Apple store website with Steve Jobs, but very very jerky motions and I can't be sure if it is my Tiger, or the Video or what or Adobe that is causing it.


            This contrasts strongly with what I got before which was I was not seeing  those pictures on screen, but  I got the word "FLASH" and when I try to load them nothing happens.  Well this time the Flash pictures appeared!  (but wait! I didn't even use your new Flash player 10.1 yet as I had not finished with the  installation process as I went "away" to follow the instructions for the uninstalling). 


            I tested it using Safari as they say to test it (having closed all programs entirely except for the  "Finder" on the computer using Force Quit if needed.)  Then ran the uninstaller for yet an 8th or 9th time.


            Started up Safari, and guess what?  All my company's pictures appear, and Apple store (my home page) everything appears now and the video too.


            But I have not yet loaded in your 10.1 version!  Nor have I even chosen (I never saw, received or got a choice yet!) your version when Stuffix unzipped it as I don't know where on the desktop it went)  (too many items and checking Finder page again I've saved too many similiar appearing downloads, but not to worry I checked by date and what I find is not those items but just the downloaded "fp10.1_archive.zip" and the unzipped folder: "fp10.1_archive" which I only opened for the first time now to write its name down for this letter.  I did not and have not "installed" flash player.


            Oh by the way, my occasional helper with Mac here long ago set up my Safari for somethign I call "Flash upon request" is the only way I know to describe it that you have to press the "FLASH" name on the screen in the box to get to "see" the Flash content as if they did not, it was slowing down my loading of web pages, so it was a solution for that.  I know about that and accept that Flash does not normally appear when my pages open, unless I request it.  Since I do not know what selection did that I'm just mentioning it as maybe that selection is what is "keeping" flash installed in the computer and not letting it "go away" so I can reinstall the correct one 10.1?


            It is what I've been doing for past 2-3 years so I'm used to having pages with the word "FLASH" or  Plug in missing normally.  But again what prompted my writing the first time was that clicking on them no longer got me the Flash content.


            But whatever I did now, the  Flash comes up immediately without my asking for it when I open a page, and I'm puzzled as to how I could have downloaded the  new Flash when I keep asking for it to be uninstalled unsuccessfully.


            Does any of this make sense to you Eldnolb? or anyone else out there familiar with Macs?  (Tiger OSX).


            Oh jumping ahead in the instructions from you (and Adobe), I will again verify disk and repair again whenever I get up to that stage but I thought you would like to know that my other expert had done a complete verify disk and all other items in that doctor-like utility about a month ago, before I erased Adobe trying to save space, so unless my deletions caused something else to go wrong I'm assuming my disk drive, etc are all physically working ok


            Thanks again!

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              pwillener Level 8

              I wouldn't worry too much why Flash Player is working, as long as it is working.


              You can check what version you now have at http://www.adobe.com/software/flash/about/


              P.S. regarding your limited disk space: CCleaner has been used by Windows users for many years to clean cr*p from their hard drivers (that's what the first C in CCleaner stands for).


              Now I just wanted to tell you that CCleaner is now available for the Mac (http://www.piriform.com/mac) as a public beta, but I now noticed that only OS X 10.5  and 10.6 are supported - sorry!

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                Help Me No Adobe Level 1

                Dear _______ (see BTW note below):


                Thanks for replying too!


                I tried the link.  It took me to a page I've been to before at Adobe.  It just lists the types of Flash pages availabe, not what type I have and in fact the Plug In spot or Flash spot is the first one that did not work totally for me.  So whatever I do "have" working is not working fully as I'm sure it was not installed correctly and my problem is that I'm not removing it right.


                Thanks for the CCleaner information---I'll use it on my PC if and when that is up and running so thanks for passing that along, as you didn't know I had even older PC!  but for now my Flash Player erase problem and small 60 GB size is on my G4 Power PC (not even Intel Chip!) Mac.


                Thanks again!


                oh BTW:  Where do you get/find the (I'm sure a good googler person can find it but I'm not a good one!) that reverse backwards mirror writing (like Leonardo Da Vinci typeface?) under your name?


                Thanks again!

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                  eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                  Hi Help me....


                  No, I'm not an expert. I do research a lot and find things:-)  I'll try to reply to a couple of your issue. I don't see "Helpful solutions" unless you did a search the forums. If what I posted doesn't solve the problem for you, then I don't think anything else would.


                  I'm not sure which action you took that would have caused Flash Player to appear and be working. Sometimes there is a glitch that gets fixed and we may not know what fixed it. I wouldn't worry about it.


                  This Flash Player version is the "latest" version that works on the PPC.


                  What you are most likely meaning is that addon Click-To-Flash. That keeps Flash content from displaying and when you want it, you click on that.


                  It is always recommended to repair permissions with Mac and I would do that.


                  Now, can you check and let me know what is the Version of Tiger? 


                  Also something that you can try to help the "choppy" is go to this site with Safari and Right click on the Flash Player logo(Red F).

                  Then click Settings, then Display Settings. UNcheck the box of hardware acceleration. See if that helps.


                  Whatever you did, I 'm glad it is working for you. I would wait until we see if your system can even use the Flash Player I need to know the version of Tiger first to make sure you have Installed any updates that were available.





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                    Help Me No Adobe Level 1

                    Dear eidnolb:


                    Thanks again for your message.  So sorry that work on another computer area intervened and I could not get back to you until now.


                    Thanks for your patience.  I will answer each item you raise in term and maybe we both, working together, can provide a possible solution.


                    I maybe caused the problem when I deleted only part of the program (I was trying to eliminate duplicate and large MB/GB sized files to get my total usage down below having just 10 GB free.  I know that some flash player images are "working" and others are not.  I come from the "PC" world, so Mac is not my normal environment.  I do what I can, but I remember deleting something in a PC without going through the proper "remove programs" method.  That left empty and full "shells" as they are called (or kernals? Its been a few years maybe it was on my Unix at the College).  But because some of the programs elements were left intact and others deleted, it functioned erratically like this.  What I need from Adobe (and I see they charge for help with their free programs unfortunately) is someone to let me know what is the developer structures within the Flash Player that I might have left intact in the Mac and go inside and delete them one by one until the system and all of its folders are actually removed.  The uninstall programs usually are just bots that assume they are deleting a whole working operating program, not one that has essential pieces missing, so their check function might be giving it wrong readings which is why the program says "deleted" successfully, yet I'm still using Flash Player erratically without having installed the new one (its still zipped in its downloaded condition, nothing else has been done yet with it).


                    Thanks for the information that I was unable to find in the kb of Adobe, which is that I can use with PPC G5 the version of Flash.


                    Thanks for identifying the Click to Flash addon, sounds like what I got, but don't know where I got it from as someone more familiar with Macs did it by remote control.(I was the innocent bystander for that operation).


                    Yes, I went in and verified and/or repaired permissions.  Did so just agian when you mentioned it.


                    Version 10.4.11 of Tiger with all software updates and upgrades to current date (or last time Apple sent out an update of this older program).

                    Ok, changed to Safari, and went to Adobe site with Flash Player and clicked on the Red "F" Logo and all I got was menu items: Open Image in New Window/Open Image in New Tab/Save Image to the Desktop/Save Image As..../Add Image to iPhoto Library/Use Image as Desktop Picture/ Copy Image Address/ Copy Image


                    But no "settings"  to click.   I was on page:  http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/otherversions/


                    I hope I followed the instructions correctly, what am I doing wrong now?


                    Again Tiger 10.4.11 is being used as I can't fit Leopard into my G4 PPC, and budet is tight so no new Mac with Leopard (or Lion OSX)  in near future.


                    As you see, I too enjoy researching the topic, learned a lot more so far by my "accidental erasure" including the warning "Never Do That Again!

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                      pwillener Level 8

                      Have you actually used the FP uninstaller that eidnolb has provided earlier

                      http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/865/cpsid_86551.html#ostype=m,prob1=uninst,os=m10.4 ?


                      This should really uninstall the Flash Player fragments that are left on your Mac.

                      After that you should be able to do a clean install of the archived Flash Player.

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                        eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                        Hi, Thanks for letting me know that Tiger is up to date. I'm sure we have some info on Tiger, and I'll check.


                        Just a reminder that the Flash Player version that you have the zip file on your Desktop, is the "latest". We need to be sure that your Mac can run that version. That's what I'm concerned about. It could be that you need an earlier version. So I'll check on that.


                        It's a good idea to create as much free space as you can. So continue that if you're not done doing it.


                        If some Flash content is working and not others I'm assuming you are speaking of Websites? Remember that Click-To-Flash operates per website, not across the board. You have to Click it for each website that you want to view Flash content on.


                        Yes, I realize some removal procedures leave residue etc, but the Flash Player Uninstaller is for that. Pat has asked if you ran this Uninstaller link:



                        I know it says Leopard, but disregard that. The Uninstall method is the same. What I want you to pay particular attention to after following the instructions thru Step 8, is Step 9: Restart your browser. To verify that you uninstalled Flash Player, open your browser and return to this page. 
                        If we detect Flash Player in your computer, the details appear  below.

                        In other words Adobe will detect if Flash Player is still on your System and a version number will be shown. By the same token if that is not shown, then the next part: If we don’t detect Flash Player in your computer, you see one of the following boxes. It should contain a message similar to the following ones. If you don't see a message, you have not uninstalled FlashPlayer. Repeat these steps. 
                        If Flash Player has been successfully removed, then that is telling you what you need to do to Install it. However you want to use the Installer info I gave you in those first set of instructions.

                        All of this is to show you what message you will receive if FP is Uninstalled correctly, so you don't need to be concerned about "left overs".


                        Oh, print that info out so you have it. And the page you are to return to in Step 9 is here: http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/155/tn_15507.html


                        Another thing, when going to that test site to see the Red F, you are to RIGHT click on it. This site:



                        My only concern at this point is if your system meets the requirements for FP 10.1 for Tiger/Safari. By the way what version is Safari?






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                          eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                          Hi, check this thread out. I would think if this person could use that, then you should be able to also. See what you think.  











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                            Help Me No Adobe Level 1

                            To both of my helpers.....Success! (Skip to end if you don't want to read the details).


                            Sorry for the delay in responding to all of your suggestions!


                            eidnolb:  Here is what I found on the page with red "f" this time. But using Safari, the whole top of the page says "Flash" meaning that the red "F" is part of a Flash item that is not loading in Safari, but does load in my other Browser, Sea Monkey.


                            Using Safari I right clicked (was on wrong page sorry) and got the "ClicktoFlash---Settings" settings


                            I do not have regular "settings" anymore on my list just:   Load Flash/Load all on this page/add www.Adobe.com to whitelist/ClicktoFlash Settings.


                            And in the Click to Flash Settings there is no box to uncheck for hardware acceleration. Only things like Options/sIFR Text Updates Uninstall (of course) version 1.5.5 if that matters).


                            I set up my account in Adobe using Sea Monkey which I do when Safari is fully being used for other purposes that day, so that explains why I got confused sometimes, the Flash Content in Sea Monkey "works" but the same page loaded in Safari does not work.  I do have Firefox, but that has too many saved pages that have not been gone over to "unsave" them when I'm done either printing the contnet or saving the content or bookmarking it, so that is quite unusuable right now so I don't know if any of the flash is working or not on Firefox (and I don't have Chrome loaded in yet....maybe I read it was Leopard only? I forget why it is not
                            another choice for me).


                            Willener pat's  (finally used a mirror!)  suggestion I try the FP uninstaller again, I made sure it was done using Safari (Sea Monkey does not like it)....and despite it appearing for the higher levels of Mac OSX I tried it....


                            Its getting complicated. I can read the instructions how to do it in Sea Monkey, but Sea Monkey does not like the file (does not know what to do with it and offers my entire "Mac" database of applications i.e. word, etc to use it (very bad).  Safari can use the file but I have to click on it without the accompanying instrtuctions to help me as they are not visible or printable anymore from within Safari without Flash.  So I'm using the printed instrucitons from Sea Monkey to follow and Safari to do the downloading!


                            I'll work this out yet!


                            eidnolb:  I visited http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/155/tn_15507.html after uninstall as you and pat say to do.


                            But the message reads:


                            "The following displays the type of Flash Player version that this browser is running, and its capabilities.  Usually only developers creating content for Flash Player require this information: "


                            But Guess What?  The box is a "FLASH" item!!  So I can't see what version is in there!  (Catch-22 they call that!).


                            My company's Flash pages are showing up on both Safari and Sea Monkey, they pause then load even though I've not set them for "permissions" or "whitelist" on the ClicktoFlash"  because the content is created by various people and they have bad web page habits so especially I do not load Flash immediately at my company's web pages, as it can hang or cause scripts to keep working so I have to stop it.  That is why the person I deal with got me "ClicktoFlash" as just because I know how to create a web page, doesn't mean all the other ones I deal with know how!


                            I'm thinking at this point, should I try installing back in the  version again?  I guess no harm can come from that so I went back to eidnolb's version in original message and tried to load it in again.


                            Result is: nothing!
                            I clicked on your address in Sea Monkey and copied to safari and both don't work.  "Page Not Found" Error.


                            This is what I clicked on  to get the Flash installer  before!  I know it worked then, why not now?  So I'll use the copy I've downloaded before but why is the link not working now?


                            eidnolb: June 15, 2011 10:53 am
                            Flash installer [http://fpdownload.macromedia.com/get/flashplayer/installers/archive/fp] Open the archive to reveal yet more archives and multiple files. Select: flashplayer101r102_64_ubmac.dmg


                            By the way....reading everything that came with the installer program (it appears for developers only as archived version), it says to "restart" system after uninstall.  Maybe that is what I did not do, but I've closed and restarted my computer each time I leave so I know its been "done" in middle of writing your forum replies, I just save it elsewhere and come back to continue writing!


                            So closing and restarting everything had no effect.  On the Adobe Find Flash Player Version  page, I still can't "see" the box with version of Flash Player I'm currently running, as its a Flash box that does not activate. The other Adobe page with "red" F still does not show the me  "red" F just a huge "Flash" box that I can't open.


                            ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------------------------
                            So here goes with installing again from the saved version of download (by the by I'm now down to 9.46 GB free since I've opened and downloaded so many files so many times.  Just don't know which to delete as nothing has worked yet!


                            Now it works! I think!


                            I got the "Find Flash Player Version" page and I can "see" the result
                            I'm using Player Version: MAC 10,1,53,64


                            Debug Player:  No


                            Opening system Mac OS 10.4.11
                            Video Capable Yes
                            Audio Capable Yes
                            Local File I/O Enabled: Yes


                            So I guess that is it!
                            It works !


                            I could have just said this part alone, but wanted both of you to see what steps I took to get it working again!  (Might be helpful to anyone else stupid enough to try to create more room by deleting any large files with unidentified names).


                            Which answer fits the bill for "correct" answer? I"ll click on and award points however you both see fit (10 to best answer 5 to possible answers).


                            I went to check on the one you (eidnolb) answered about Google Maps (I have a iPad now and always use it for my portable use of Google Maps so didn't notice anything like he mentioned, so I just went in to give a check and Safari and Google Maps are all working fine  with street views  (the orange man---does anyone have a name for him? Have a contest!).  It all works so thanks again.


                            Best regards to everyone!

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                              eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                              Hi Help me ...Have Adobe now  Nothing like Success!!!  So glad you have it all sorted out and FP is working.


                              I appreciate your explanation of all of the steps you took. Helps me to understand and others that may see your thread. Many users still use the PPC edition(non-intel).


                              You can award points however you want, the important thing is that your thread will have it as answered. This always helps users that use the Search Forums function. I use it myself and look for the answered threads.



                              Thanks for the feedback!!





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                                pwillener Level 8

                                Help Me No Adobe wrote:


                                Which answer fits the bill for "correct" answer? I"ll click on and award points however you both see fit (10 to best answer 5 to possible answers).

                                We are both not here for the points, but very happy that your problem got solved.


                                Eidnolb did much more in this topic to help you, so please use one of her replies to mark the topic as resolved.

                                1 person found this helpful
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                                  eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                                  Hi Pat, that's very nice of you:-) I think we both added to this thread and others also. I've always viewed the point system as a way a user can show their appreciation for the help they have received.


                                  We work pretty well together. I read some of your replies and think to myself, well I never would have thought of that


                                  By the way, I had to look at your post time:-)







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                                    Help Me No Adobe Level 1

                                    Dear eidnolb and pat:


                                    Thanks again for all your help!


                                    Wish I could give you both 10, but here goes: eidnolb  (blondie!---yes I should not even touch a computer if I'm that stupid to have missed that one---didn't know both of you are smart computer women!) earns the credit of 10 points for answering the question as I followed your links and got it all done.  Which leaves 5 points for pat for all of her helpful hints and tweaking of the solution!


                                    I think you two work together very well.  Keep going!   (While I'm not a newbie, so I know there are many other forum sites for helping all those who have just bitten off too many "bytes" from the "Apple" (or the PC).


                                    (BTW, I should have guessed at your name as I know IRL two other "Blondie" s (other than the Comic Strip and famous rock star, so they have always been there to turn me to the right path so was happy to realize its yet another one who has placed me on the correct path again---thanks!).


                                    New site to me, hope I figure out the correct buttons to push!  (I'll post the message first in case my saying its "has been answered" locks this thread out from further additions, just don't know what will happen).

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                                      pwillener Level 8

                                      No, marking a topic as answered or resolved will not lock the topic.  The only time a topic is locked is when a poster gets rude.  Fortunately this is very rare here.

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                                        eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                                        Hi again, Just finished reading your nice comments, thanks. Nice to hear your experience with "blondies" have been helpful:-)


                                        Anyone that could have done all you did to get that PPC up and running with Flash Player, could not be a newbie I would venture a guess that you have some type of engineering background. I think you did a great job.



                                        Pat has already replied to your question about the status of your thread after marking it answered. Thanks for doing that also.



                                        I hope your PPC continues to work well for you. I have an older XP and have to treat it with loving care