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    fxp or fxpl?


      Hello folks,

      A designer has created a flash catalyst 5.5 project from Illustrator. He has exported me two files: fxp and fxpl.

      I have tried two methods and have not achieved what I wanted.

      I wanted to create another Flash Builder Project and write all the code that connects with the server and brings data there. Also I'd like this project to have access to components and my Main.mxml application because the designer has already made transitions and interactions within the application and it's components.

      The first thing I tried was to create a Flash Builder Library Project that references the project brought from Flash Catalyst. Then I created another project that has the library project inside the "Flex Build Path" so I'd have access to all the components and the Main.mxml application inside the project from catalyst that is referenced in the lib project.

      The "code" project couldn't access the other project's components and the Main.mxml.

      The second method was to import the fxpl file as a library project then I created a project that has this library in the "Flex Build Path".

      I had access to all the components but the fxpl wasn't exported with the Main.mxml application.

      I have worked in the past trying to share the same fxp file with the designer and we had a lot of trouble dealing with all the code, so I'd like to separate the two projects, I don't want to export a fxp file to the designer.

      Can anyone help? How should I configure a project like this?

      Thanks a lot

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          Dukeatcoding Level 1

          You need Both the FXP is the complete Project


          The FXPL only contains components. And is used to sepperate the graphics from the code. So that you can share this file with your Designer.



          By linking the FXPL in the Build Path of the FXP Project you can use the components of the FXPL.


          1. Import Both Projects in Flash Builder

          2. Link the FXPL in the Build path of the FXP Project

          3. Work