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    Reader 10.1 issues - with 150% Display setting

    Flying_Kiwi Level 1

      I've waited a long time for the latest version of Reader ( which came out yesterday. I keenly updated to it today and went testing (with my fingers crossed), only to find that it still doesn't fix the issues I'm encountering with my PCs Display set to 150% (Win 7 SP1 x64) - all the issues are all still there.


      Firstly - when using under the latest IE9 I've noticed the following:

      1. The top toolbar won't work and clicking on any button has no effect
      2. The bottom (floating) toolbar is similarly ineffective
      3. Somehow after I found 2 above, I've managed to loose the bottom floating toolbar altogether (and alt-F8 or F8 wont bring it back - not that its vital)
      4. Right Clicking on the screen brings up an option panel away from the mouse


      When used as a standalone app (again at 150% Display setting in Win 7) I've noticed:

      1. The illumination of the Close, Maximise and Minimise buttons when the mouse is rolled over them is irregular and if the mouse becomes stationary on any of those buttons, the illumination goes.


      Setting Display to 100% (or even 125% from provisional testing) seems to elliminate these bugs but is Adobe going to buy me some binoculars so I can see the tiny buttons and fonts on my HTPC screen from 6' away...

      In this day and age of Windows coming with a perfectly capable Media Centre interface, many users of HTPCs have them set up with high resolution monitors (or TVs as the monitor) and leaving the display set to 100% is no good for regular PC functions (such as web browsing or pdf reading).


      Please fix this Adobe. I've already applied to be a pre-release tester (and my application hasn't been picked up/followed up). I just feel I'm getting my moneys worth out of this product!