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    Old default class still compiling after new default class set green arrow wont go!


      I have an old class that at once was default application class and now I have set another class to be so ( a loader class instead). But I still need the old class in there. Fine, but it keeps outputting an swf, the class name is App and it outputs an App.swf. There is no run configuration for the class.


      My new default class is ApplicationLoader.as and that works fine. And under run debug settings etc that is also the only setting listed. But yet I have still a green arrow next to my App.as class.


      I usually work like this as I often don't decide on a preloader until end of project os in the beginning often App or Application is my default class and later I change that (using factory frame in compiler) to being ApplicationLoader where I write a preloader. So App is should still be in there but just not output an SWF or have green arrow!


      There is no run debug setting and yet there sits the green arrow next to App.as and out comes an swf that I dont need as I already have what I need with the ApplicationLoader.swf which works fine as the new default class.


      Do i need to edit some file manually? Cause there is no setting I can find that removes App from outputting an SWF as there is no indication of any run debug setting. Note I already have deleted the run debug setting! I only have ApplicationLoader: if I click debug icon and run project.Still, out also comes App.swf ! as if invisibly App also was sitting under that tab still!


      Help, Im going grey hair and my tea is cold!