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    Adobe Type 1 applied font error




      I am having a problem with Adobe Type 1 fonts in Indesign CS3 and 5 when applying via a vb.net app on Windows Xp/7 that I am developing.

      I can select the font in the Indesign app and apply to type, no problem.


      When applying via my vb.net app it fails and says the font family doesn't exist. I am applying the font to a paragraph as in line below:


              myParagraph.AppliedFont = "Helvetica Neue"


      Works on OpenType and TrueType fonts without any issues.   Problem occurs whether using Extensis Suitcase font manager or with it disabled.

      Haven't seen any other posts regarding this issue so not sure where the problem lies.


      I have obtained the font names from the Indesign font list too so are the exact names that appear in the font/style menus.


      Anyone got any ideas?