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    what's the best way to transfer HD content from SonyHD video camera to PE?


      I'm a bit stumped... is there a direct way to import video files via the USB connection on my Sony HDR-CX100 HD video camera into PE9?   I installed Sony's transfer software called PMB, and now PE9 won't launch....   a conflict between the programs?    Maybe I don't even need the Sony software and should uninstall?  (Obviously should have tried that first...in hindsight).   I seem to remember that I couldn't handle Sony HD content in PE4, but now I've upgraded to PE9 -- so maybe I can use the files directly?    I'm sure someone must have written a thread on the subject of how to get HD into PE9, and whether a pre-conversioin is needed, etc... sure would appreciate a pointer to that discussion if it already exists.


      thanks in advance!