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    Upgrading from v8 to v9?

    CtrlAltDave Level 1

      I need to upgrade from v8 to v9. I'm taking over the v9 license from a departed contractor - I've got a valid serial number for v9 but can't work out how to upgrade. The Adobe shop doesn't seem to cater for situations like mine a sit wants payment details. I started downloading the v9 trial version, but it doesn't automatically recognise that I've got v8 installed, which worries me a bit. Any advice?




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          kimcramer42 Level 1

          Hi, Dave. Thought I'd share that I just did an upgrade via DVD frm RH8 to RH9 and was also surprised that it didn't recognize that I had RH8 and do an actual upgrade. Adobe says it does a clean new install and confirmed that you can have both versions installed, although Forum MVPs recommend against doing that. I'll be removing RH8 once my projects have been updated.


          Sorry that I can't help with the download part since my company went the DVD route.



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            Jeff_Coatsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            The person with the RH9 license will have to first deactivate their copy. Then you can download the trial & use their serial number to activate. RH8 & RH9 can co-exist - just ask Rick (Captiv8r) - he's got versions going back to X5!


            The main thing that doesn't put up with multiple copies is Acrobat - you can only have 1 of those (and according to Dov Isaacs' best practices, don't have both the Reader & the Distiller on the same machine).

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              CtrlAltDave Level 1

              Thanks very much for both answers.