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    error dvi2pdf in WinEdt


      On my new windows 7, 64 bit computer I get an error when using dvi2pdf or ps2pdf options in WinEdt 5.5


      The pdf is created OK (by MiKTeX's executables), however, when WinEdt tries to open the  pdf reader (AcroRd32.exe) a window appears prompting me to open an *.acr file (acorbat security settings).  I click cancel and the pdf can then appear. WinEdt sometimes stops responding in the process.


      (In WinEdt I can associate Foxit reader with pdf files and after setting the paths, foxit reader opens with no problem. When I set the paths back to Acrobat Reader though I get the same problem)


      I have already modified the WinEdt  Acrobat OpenDoc.edt, Acrobat OpenDoc-Find.edt and Acrobat CloseDoc files to change the DDE command from

      DDEOpen('%$("AcroRead")',"acroview","control"); to DDEOpen('%$("AcroRead")',"acroviewR10","control"); which doesn't help.


      If anyone has any suggestions I'd be pleased to hear from you! Thanks.