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    Problem with exporting linked story as incopy file


      Hi All,


      I am facing problems while exporting all stories on a document as incopy files. I am using Edit->Incopy->Export->All stories & graphics command. The document contains a lot of out of page text boxes and a huge linked story flowing through a number of linked textframs, This linked story makes actual content. The story also contains inflow images & tables. While performing above export command I get incopy files for all graphics and out of box textboxes but not for the major linked content.


      This is a document provided by one of my client. I am actually a plugin developer and don't have very deep designing knowledge. I am trying to figure out what could be the possible reasons for this issue.


      I have tried same command with only two text box as linked frames. It creates the incopy file. What I could have done wrong with my document. Any suggestions will be welcome.