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    Catalyst CS 5.5 crashing constantly




      I'm having serious stability issues with Flash Catalyst CS 5.5 on my PC (Win7 64 bit, Core2Duo 3.0 GHz, 8 GB RAM). Everything is working fine, if project size is no more than a few states. But with more states, say about five or more, the program comes unstabile and crashes after couple of minutes working. There are no error messages or crash report dialogs, program just shuts down. I haven't found any specific action that cause crashing. For a few minutes after starting I can do anything, then after few minutes program crashes. It could be triggered by anything, like creating/previewing transitions, showing/hiding layers, ordering/grouping them etc. Just very basic usage.


      My project contains currently six states, about 20 small images (buttons etc) and text boxes, a few drop down's and two swf-animations. To count out that I have something wrong in my PC, I installed CS 5.5. on my laptop, which has a recent and clean Windows 7 32 bit install. Same thing there. It works maybe a bit longer, say 10 minutes before crashing just as suddenly.


      I haven't had any problems in other CS5 programs (nor any other programs installed in my PC) that I use frequently.


      I found this post http://forums.adobe.com/thread/856460?tstart=60 and my problem seems to be quite like the same. I decided to repost, since there were no answers.


      Anything that can be done?