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    Preview Rendering is SOOOO slow

    SpareWheel Level 2

      Prem Pro version 4.2.


      Intel i7 970 (Hex) 3.2GHz
      MB: Asus P6T

      12GB RAM (9-9-9-24 running at 1333) 2x6gb kits.

      2x1TB 7200 HDD MB software RAID 0 Scratch (Source media & Previews).

      Other media and Cache: 1TB HDD 7200

      OS (Windows 64 bit Vista) 500MB HDD 7200

      Nvidia GTX580


      This is a dedicated editing workstation.


      It does appear my preview rendering is slowing! A 10 minute HDV clip for example is now taking over 45 minutes to render - and it's killing me.


      I've been using Prem Pro for almost two years and my past preview rendering experience was better than it is. What's changed?


      I changed my i7 920 out for a 970 (is this really the problem, or am I using more luma and colour corrections presets?).


      The Scratch drive is defragged and has 1.3 TB of free space - barely one-third full.


      I have about 4 or 5 colour and luma correction effects in the clip.


      My previous PPBM results were halfway up the chart. I haven't done a new PPBM test since.


      Apart from moving to CS5.5 has anyone any suggestions?