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    Touble with Pop Up Menu


      I am having trouble getting a pop-up menu to behave the way I want it to. I change the settings in the pop-up editor dialog and save the file. When I export the file to view my html/images click thru the the pop up menu remains unchanged.The changes appear in the editor but don't seem to "stick". Specifically the background color of the cells in the submenu items will not change from black to the gray color I want.


      You can view the file here:



      I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong here/ Any help with this is much appreciated. Thanks!

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          Laurent Mottet



          I did not find any problems in your file. But you are right, Fireworks does not export properly your pop-up menu. I started your pop-up menu and exported. It's the right color with the gray background.


          Voila :-)

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            markf12 Level 1



            Thanks for your reply! I'm not sure I understand correctly. Were you able to export the file and have the pop up menu appear correctly with the gray background? If yes, how were you able to get that to export correctly?


            What do you mean by "I started your pop-up menu and exported"? Did you somehow export just the pop-up menu?


            Thank you!

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              Laurent Mottet Level 1



              I just delete button SERVICES. Then I build the pop-up menu SERVICES. Here is your file corrected.




              Voila :-)

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                markf12 Level 1

                Thank you Laurent. I have found that Fireworks does not correctly save changes to some things, including pop-up menu appearance and behaviors. It seems that I must make one change and then save the file, close it and then re-open to get the change to "stick". Then make the newt edit and repeat save, close, re-open.


                This is obviously a real pain and hassle and frustration. I like the concept of Fireworks and see the value of having a nice click thru mockup. But there sure are allot of quirky weird behaviors in Fireworks. It's no where close to the quality of photoshop, illustrator, dreamweaver or acrobat pro.


                Thanks for your help!