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    Does anyone has experience in using Runtime Share Libraries (RSLs) in flex?


      I am getting this error from Flash CS5 when publishing the SWC file:


      "Warning: No libraries were linked as Runtime Shared Libraries (RSLs) because of your publish settings: Export SWC"


      Does this interferes when compiling the flex project that uses this SWC file?


      The error that I am getting from Flex 3 is:


      "One or more errors were found while trying to build release version. Unable to export.

      Reason: " - This is the main error window


      Details: "
        Encountered errors or warnings while building project xxLearning.as.
          xxLearning.as: unable to load SWC C:\xxx\xx\My Documents\Flex Builder 3\xxx\libs\_assets.swc


      Any ideas?