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    Changing  Options after PDF is placed

    allisonblake Level 1

      Hi everyone,

      When I place a PDF/AI  with Show Import Options checked, I can speficy how the PDF should be cropped--bounding box, art, crop, etc.

      Once the PDF is placed, is there a way to change the settings without placing the PDF again?

      For instance, I place an AI file without showing import options and the PDF places using the Crop option (from the settings I used last time).

      I then hide a couple of layers from within InDesign with Object Layer Options and decide I want to be able to crop the bounding box in InDesign to the bounding box of the illustrator file because now I have big white margins around the art from the layers that are now hidden.

      Is this possible, or must I reimport the PDF with Show Import Options on and change the settings there?