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    Basic Question about encoding resolutions


      Hi all


      We just spent alot of money on CS5.5 and we are more or less happy so far but man.....some of these little speedbumps are driving me crazy.


      I know this question has been answered before and I have done my research, but obviously not enough.


      All I want to is render out a quicktime at the project's resolution of 800x600.


      When i choose Quicktime in Media Encoder, I'm sure I would have a choice of codecs, but I am only given choices of PAL or NTSC, and I can't change the resolution back to 800x600, so that's no good.


      When I choose H.264 I can change the resolution to 800x600, but I am stuck with the H.264 codec.  I would ideally like Photojpeg for a codec, or maybe sorenson3, the point is I would like codec options.


      Odd that Quicktime and H.264 would be in the same dropdown as one is a codec and one is a wrapper.


      any ideas?


      In older versions of premiere you didn;t have to use media encoder for simple stuff and it was great.