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    Why does PP CS5 not keep my preview files on my Mac?


      I love Premiere Pro on my Mac because it interfaces so well with AE. However, every time I render something in my DSLR timeline, shutdown Premiere, then open it later, I have to re-render again.


      I am not a novice and I know what I am doing, but I've tried everything and it won't keep my render files.


      I want to switch away from Final Cut because I can edit DSLR natively in Premiere, but Final Cut seems to work better.


      I am using dual 2.93 ghz quad core Xeon processors, 16gb ram. Internal 4tb raid, 3 external 4tb GRaid firewire drives for video storage. These 3 drives are always attached to my system and are always on when editing. The render files are always there and not on another portable drive somewhere.


      I can render my timeline in PPro, then close the program.  Open the program back up in a minute and have to re-render.


      Any ideas?