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    Issue with exporting .GIF file using Fireworks


      I am very new to Adobe Fireworks and has no proper training with it. I am just training myself.


      Here's the problem: My boss sent me a PNG file then sliced its layer. I have already the layer that needs editing. The editing part has been completed. However, when I exported a .GIF file to make it bitmap and use a website's button, the text font and its color changed. Even when I use the original PNG file, it looks good on Fireworks but when I exported a .GIF file (to make as one of the site's button), the font changed as well as its color. Is it a bug with Adobe Fireworks CS5 or it has something to do with ALIAS? Mine was automatically set to Smooth Anti-Alias. And again, it looks perfect on fireworks but when the exported GIF file is opened from the folder where it the file was exported, it's already different.


      Sorry for being redundant sometimes. I just want to make myself clear since I am not really familiar with the terms. Hope someone can help and I would really appreciate it.


      Thanks and GOD BLESS!