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    ?Help, With Simple Scripting? (see screenshots)


      I'm new to LiveCycle and I created a simple "Event Entry Form" that I distribute to the members of our club. There are two drop down menus  "Class" and "Transponder Option". The user makes a choice from each drop down menu and the form calculated the sum correctly. He then hits the submit button and it works great. When the form is returned to me via emil the information in the dropdown menu is incorrect but everthing else including the sums are correct.


      Here's a example of how a user would use it:

      1 In use screenshot.png2 In use Tran in use SC Shot.png3 In use FINAL screenshot.png4 In use screenshot.png


      Here's the FormCalc Scripting and Object Binding:

      5.1 Creation Dropdown screenshot.png5.2 Total1 screenshot.png5.3 Total Payment Due screenshot.png

      Here's what it looks like when it's returned. Notice the "Classes Entered" is not correct compared to the previous form in 3rd screenshot above but, everything else is correct:


      I'm sure this simple for many of you. Please help before I take baseball bat to my laptop, hehe.