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    Flex 4.5 and php sessions logout help


      Hello all


      what I am currently haveing trouble with is terminating a session in my web app...


      Initially what is happening is that I am using php via a httpservice call to log a user in while storing a session of that users ID, when logged in, a datagrid displays some data based on that user (I used a php data service call for this, I modifified the standard getAllwhatever() to get data based on the id i stored in the session. the problem I am having now is terminating that session on logout, so that when i log in with a different account it shows that persons info...



      I tried numerous session_destroy techniques but none are working, I also ran the app in debug mode to get an idea of whats going on, maybe it will help?


      Initially I traced the ID when i logged in, when the getAllResult handler is called, and when the logOut result handler is called...The first time i run the app the proper ID is trace then when I try to login with another account the id is not traced when the getAllResult handler is called...so maybe the problem is in my generated Class?



      I appreciate any help