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    ComboBox in DataGridColumn

    Macys_Mike Level 1
      I am trying to get a ComboBox that I have set up as an itemRenderer in a DataGrid to load it's data dynamically.

      Here's the idea, I make a call to a database and get some data, load that data into an ArrayCollection using Actionscript and then set the dataProvider property of the ComboBox for the DataGridColumn to the ArrayCollection ( dataProvider="{myData}"). Problem is when I do this, I get an error, when I remove the braces...I get an error. I've tried as many configurations as I can think of to get this to resolve and I'm still stuck. I can get this to work if I set up a dataProvider using MXML tags, no problem. So it would seem to me that there is a way to do it dynamically through ActionScript.

      I am new to Flex 2.0, so maybe I'm missing something!
      Any help would be greatly appreciated!
      - Mike