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    Changing title in config/string.php

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      I have some experience programing in VB and I have created website in dreamweaver using mostly HTML.


      I had an outside person do some .php work for me, for e-commerence purposes.


      I would like to change the title on pages in the site.  For example, from site/shop to site/shirts. In HTML I would just simply change the title like so.


      <title>Title of the document</title>


      But in .php  he told me that the text on the menu bar for the website is actually a graphic image.
      The html <title> for each page is dynamically loaded through config/strings.php.


      Code below.


      # WEB PAGES
      $STRING['test'] = "Test Page";

      $STRING['account'] = "My Account";

      $STRING['products'] = "Shirts";

      $STRING['shoppingCart'] = "Shopping Cart";

      $STRING['checkout'] = "Check Out";

      $STRING['contact'] = "Contact";

      $STRING['custom'] = "Custom T's";




      What's the best way to edit that, because I don't see all of my pages here.

      Also, let me know if there is a good place to learn about this, say Lynda.com, etc.