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    Help with "Unresolved Component" warning

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      I know this was asked recently, but I think the poster had different set of circumstances, because the advice offered in that thread didn't lead me to a solution. Or else I'm incompetent! Hopefully someone can help me with the issue I'm having.


      Here's the scenario:

      I get a "Unresolved Component" warning for syntax like this: "createObject('component', 'ss_components.application_methods')"

      - 'ss_components' is a mapping on the CF Server, and the application works fine when tested

      - My CFBuilder Project folder is located in a different place than the wwwroot. Wwwroot is where all the CF scripts/application files are. Within the CFBuilder project, i have a Linked Folder to the wwwroot folder.


      I have the following settings in CFBuilder. Some of these settings are the way they are because I was trying various things out to try and fix this 'Unresolved' problem.:

      -Preferences>ColdFusion>Server Settings> (all checked)

      -Preferences>ColdFusion>Startup> Index all CFCs... (unchecked)

      -Properties>ColdFusion Project>(I have my linked folder here, when I created it, I unchecked the 'Use Link Folder to Resolve CFCs)

      -Local Server Settings: blank entry for "Document Root"


      I'm aware of the inheretence for finding components and I don't fully understand it since I'm new to CFBuilder, but all I know is that the first place CFBuilder looks for components is Mappings defined by CFServer....  I only want it to look there, since that's the only way I ever refer to components


      - Running CF Builder 2, trial on my dev machine which has:

           CF9 installed


           RDS Enabled (and works because i can browse the db in CFBuilder)

           CFBuilder was installed as an Eclipse plugin, not standalone.



      Please if anyone can help me with this, i would really appreciate it. I've been trying to fix this all day! :-S





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          Please specify the docuement root and server home to the folder where coldfusion is installed

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            I'm having the same problem.  If I look in the Services Browser, the component shows up correctly, but in CFB2, I get the Unresolved Component message.  Here is my code:


            component output="false" extends="appname.extensions.components.core.Framework" {...}


            I have a CF mapping "appname\extensions" to the folder where the code is.  I've tried just about everything with the server settings in CFB2 as well as the Project settings.  When I click on the error in the gutter, "Quick Fix" suggests to me to create "appname.appname.extensions.core.Framework", but I'm not sure why.  Any help would be great!