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    Indesign export options?


      I feel like a freak here, as I am not a designer, but am forced to get into Indesign because I need to export an indesign project to Word.


      In fact I have a PDF created from Indesign, and have tried converting that to a Word file, but it seems there would be a lot of work to correct it.


      So my question is could I export an Indesign project to a Word file as I have to translate it to Spanish and I think I can only do this in Word.


      Or is there a good tool anyone can recommend for converting a PDF to Word, I have tried most of them, but none are really perfect.


      Any suggestions would be deeply appreciated.



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          [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

          britinswe wrote:


          [...] is there a good tool anyone can recommend for converting a PDF to Word, I have tried most of them, but none are really perfect.


          That's because there is no "perfect" conversion possible. If you could do everything with Word, nobody would need InDesign. (Oh ... and the reverse, of course.)


          Did you try exporting just the text to RTF?


          Did you look at Recosoft's tool, at http://indesignsecrets.com/pr-recosoft-ships-id2office-a-new-indesign-to-microsoft-office- conversion-tool.php?

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            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

            You can't export from InDesing directly to Word, but all you really care about is the text, and you can export any story from ID to RTF, which you can then open in word.just put the text cursor anywhere in the story, without highlighting anything, and File > Export... and choose RTF.


            That said, you can't do this from the PDF, you need the actual InDesign file. For that matter, do youhave the original Word files that were most likely used to create the ID file? Check them against the PDF for any changes, if you do.

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              britinswe Level 1

              Perhaps I should have rephrased "far less than" perfect.


              And maybe you have answered my question, you've certainly put me ina very good direction.


              Haven't tried Indesign yet - still downloading. Maybe the rtf option will be good.


              The Recsoft link looks very interesting, but expensive subscription model, will see if I can get a trial version, and test it..
              Thank you again.

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                britinswe Level 1

                Thanks Peter, 25,000 posts too and this was great.


                Gives me an entree point. I will have to find out if the indesign file is split into multiple stories, don't know how it works at all yet.


                The problem with the word files vis vis the pdf is that lots of chnages - silly enough - were made in the PDF so there is a mismatch. And I don't know of any way - but I'm new in this game of comparing multiple word files with a single PDF! Maybe there is.


                I've had two great answers, thank you Peter.

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                  Try this link, I has worked for me in the past. http://www.pdftoword.com/



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                    Mary Posner Level 3

                    If you just want to capture text, you might take a look at Rorohiko's Text Exporter. We took a look at the demo recently and it looks promising. No plug-in is going to be able to perfectly interpret what you want out of a complex file, but this was inexpensive and very simple to use. Scriptable too, if you need to do a lot of files at once.