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    Samsung Galaxy S2 Video file editor on a PC?


      I have a brand new Samsung Galaxy S2 mobile phone, running Android 2.3.3. I find the built-in video editor hard to use.  I want to edit the video it produces on my Windows 7 PC, preferably by buying and using Adobe Premiere Elements. So far as I can tell the video files are .mp4. VLC reports to codecs used as follows: video as avc1 and audio as mp4a.


      I would like to know if the video this phone produces by default is editable within a normal default install of Adobe Premiere Elements 9. (ie without any conversion requirements of any type).


      Thank you for all responses in advance.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          If it is true AVC, it is.


          Although, from this spec sheet, it appears to save in a variety of formats -- including MP4 -- but not AVCHD. (All AVCHD uses the H.264 codec, but not all video that uses H.264 is true AVC.)



          I'd definitely recommend you try before you buy. Download the free trial of Premiere Elements. Then start a project using the AVCHD 1920x1080 project specs and see how it goes. (That phone shoots in a variety of formats. Make sure you're shooting in AVC hi-def, if that's possible. Most of the other formats will definitely not work with Premiere Elements.)


          If the video files you add to the timeline show up with NO red lines above, you're all set. If not, you may find working with this program and that video more challenging than it's worth.


          But don't make any assumptions based on specs alone. Definitely try it before you spend money on the program. Marriages between video editors like Premiere Elements and video from cell phones are often not happy ones.