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    Need help in building XML file based on arrayCollection example

    majester8425 Level 1
      I have an arraycollection as shown below which works perfectly. All I want to do is use XML from my database and read that into an arraycollection. That I can do easily, but the XML format must be wrong as the multiple items under SR_NM_ROW do not display.
      private var dpHierarchy:ArrayCollection = new ArrayCollection([
      {DB_NM:"ICR", NAGIOS_FLAG: true, PROD_FLAG: true, SVR_NM_ROW: [
      {DB_NM:"ICRDEV", NAGIOS_FLAG: false, PROD_FLAG: false, SVR_NM_ROW: [
      This is the database generated XML. It has to be wrong and not correctly reflecting the hard coded version of the arraycollection