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    Shockwave Player will not work on WinXP x64

    BRaduser Level 1

      OS: WinXP Pro x64, fully patched (sp2)

      Browsers:  IE8, Firefox 4.0.1, Chrome (most recent version as of 6/15/11)


      (Flash 10,3,181,26)


      IE8 - cannot read Flash/Shockwave test page: tab crashes with Windows crash of something regarding "AutoComplete".


      Firefox 4 - Shockwave plugin appears to be installed, but plugin not detected on Flash/Shockwave test page (Shockwave area of page is blank).


      Chrome - "Missing plugin" for Shockwave.


      All previous versions of Shockwave worked perfectly on this computer in all browsers.


      Any ideas?  Was this version of Shockwave tested on WinXP x64?