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    Is there a way to use native Java or Obj-C SDK's within Flash Builder?

    Angell EYE

      I'm a web developer who played a little bit with Flex awhile back and liked it a lot.  Didn't get a chance to mess with it too much, though.  I'm working with mobile development now and had been playing with Appcelerator, but I see that Flex also works on mobile now..???  Is that working well even though Flash doesn't work on iOS?


      My main concern is that I need to figure out how to make hardware work with mobile devices.  I've got SDK's for the hardware, but they're native Java and Obj-C and I'm not sure how to use them within other platforms like Appcelerator or Flash Builder.


      Is there a simple way to accomplish this with Flash Builder?  Can I build a custom module using methods from the existing SDK's or something like that?  Any information would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!