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    PopupManager Delay




      I am building a program that uses a number of popups for forms etc.  The problem is that there is about a 0.4-0.5 second delay between a PopupManager.createPopup or PopupManager.addPopup call and the popup actually appearing.


      The flex display objects that form the popups are fairly rich in mxml spark components, but i do not think that it is excusable for there to be a delay in the popup creation.


      I read that instantiating the content before using the addPopup method would fix the problem, but even after i instantiated the content to a global constant and used addPopup later on, the delay was still there.





      Possible causes:


      I tried to find which components causes the issue and i narrowed it down to the TextInputs, both mx and spark i tested it with.  Although the other components are also partially responsible.


      Are there any solutions?


      Thank you







      it seems the problem isnt related to th popup manager, but to the creation of new components at run time.


      are there any solutions to precreating components or making the components appear in the program instantly?