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    CS5.5 Question (I'm on trial and this feature isn't available).  1080 60p AVCHD Export Question

    Bershatsky Level 1

      I just bought a Sony AVCHD camcorder that shoots in 60p.  The files play great on my mac (VLC) and wonderfully on my PS3.  I also like the 5.1 sound it produces.


      I would like to be able to edit the video, crop, transitions, etc. then export to the same format it was originally shot in.  1080 60p AVCHD with 5.1 dolby. 


      The AVCHD export option isn't available in the trial version. Here are the questions:


      #1 is what I am wanting to do possible?  Specifically the 60p part of it.


      #2 Is there another mac option?