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    CS5.5 iOS compiler issue


      I am using CS5.5 to develop an iOS app and when trying to test the app on an actual device it says that it is not compatible with this device (2nd Gen iPod Touch). If i save out the document to CS5 and export it through the CS5 packager and install the app it seems to work fine. As this is my first complete application for iOS from flash and i am still testing all of the APIs and functionality, I am assuming that CS5.5 has advantages over CS5. With the obvious disadvantage that I can't use the app from CS5.5.


      I can't believe that Adobe would promote this as their 'Mobile' release and take away allowances to put it on devices that are a couple generations old. I can't really sell an app to a client with the stipulation that it will only work on the most recent devices. 


      Has anyone else had any issues like this? Any updates? Any work arounds?


      Thanks for any help.